Wedding Photography Pricing begins at $2400 with our

founder and associate packages begin at $1900.

Please give us a shout to inquire about what we offer,

from portraits to proposals to destinations and elopements.

If you would like a rate sheet to find out more about our services,

simply send us an email by clicking here.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Do you travel?

Absolutely!  And we love to!!  We have shot all around the country and our founder is based in both Chicago and Los Angeles.  We have had the pleasure to travel and shoot overseas and are extremely comfortable and experienced when it comes to travel.  Christine has a background in photo production so we are also quite informed when it comes to visas and requirements for traveling with photo equipment.  Weddings and events outside of Chicago and Southern California may incur travel fees so please inquire to find out more!


Do you have insurance?

Sure do!  We carry a $2 million dollar policy and can provide a certificate of insurance to your venue if needed.  Just give us 30 days notice to have the insurance company provide.


What kind of equipment do you use?

Our founder Christine uses professional Nikon gear and always brings along backup bodies and lenses.  We bring along off camera flash equipment as well to make sure we are prepared for any lighting situations.  Our associates and second photographers use either professional Nikon or Canon equipment and always have backups as well!


How many wedding have you shot?

Christine has shot over 350 weddings and every associate has shot over 150 weddings.  Our second photographers are also highly qualified and have shot over 75 weddings.  Our teams are experienced and qualified and although this may be your first time at the rodeo, rest assured, it isn’t ours!  We have covered weddings as small as 9 guests and as large as 600 and everything in between!  


Do you offer discounts for non-Saturday events?

Occasionally, depending on our travel schedule and availability, we may have special promotions available.  Our packages are a starting point and can be customized and tailored for your event.  If you have budgetary needs to keep in mind please feel free to share so we can discuss!


How are files delivered and what is the turnaround time?

Files are delivered electronically, via a password protected personalized website.  If your package includes a digital download and personal printing rights you will receive a download code associated with your email to download all high resolution images.  During a busy wedding season delivery can take up to 8 weeks, though we do our best to keep to a 4-6 week turnaround.  


How many images will we receive?

Every wedding is unique and as such, the final image count will vary.  There are many factors involved such as how many hours of coverage are needed, how many photographers are present, how large is your bridal party, etc.  On average you can expect 50-100 final images per hour of coverage.


Do we need a second photographer?

It is really more of a personal choice but we would be happy to explain the benefits and our personal recommendations.  In general, for an event with less than 100 people you can likely use one photographer.  For larger events we do recommend a second photographer to fully cover the day.  There are always exceptions and we would be happy to discuss, but this is a good starting place.


Do we get to have the copyright on the images?

As the photographer, we retain the copyright because we took the photos:)  That being said, if you choose a package that includes personal printing rights you will be able to download, print and share the images.


Can we give you a shot list or Pinterest board?

We will always want to get a shot list for family photos so we make sure to include all the important people, but a detailed shot list is not necessary.  Our approach is more organic and sometimes referring to a list all day can take away from the movement and flow of the day.  If you do have any must have shots we would love to hear your thoughts so we can be sure we are there for the moment.  If you have a created a Pinterest board feel free to share as it gives us insight as to what you are drawn to, but please know we use this for inspiration only!